Personal Branding, is it essential?


Why is it important to manage your personal branding and your LinkedIn profile even when if you are not searching for a new challenge or a new job?


Your profile is by its very nature public so anyone can see it. It is your virtual handshake it is your “hello this is me”. This is your introduction before you have even walked into a room. So, when someone says to me; “Do you think I should have a photo?” I always reply when was the last time you walked into a party, turned your back to everyone and then tried introducing yourself to everyone at the party? This is your first introduction. It is your first and only chance to make a positive first impression. What do you want someone to think about you? You need to manage your profile and present yourself in a positive manner every chance you get! Also remember you are 21 times more likely to receive a connection request by having a photo on your profile.



Any basic tips you can give our readers to enhance their LinkedIn profile?

When you look at your LinkedIn profile, I want you to ask yourself these three very complex questions:






Let me explain, when you write your LinkedIn profile it might look very slick with a nice profile photo, a good outline of you and your career, you explain how you have progressed throughout your career, you make sure it has your contact information, you complete your mobile and email numbers in your profile. Great start!

Now close your laptop, walk away, have a tea / coffee or something stronger maybe, then take a sip of critical potion and become your own worst critic, get really nasty, become the Simon Cowell nasty judge from the X Factor for 10 minutes.

I want you to open your laptop, go back to your profile and ask yourself in a loud, brash, hard-nosed way.




As you go through your profile, I need you to be really critical.
It might say that you are a flexible, motivated Treasurer with
20 years’ experience – SO WHAT, I don’t care! There are five other Treasurers applying for the same job as you and they have
20 years’ experience and they are just as flexible and motivated as you! 


I need you to ask the following questions of yourself and as you answer them put the answers into your profile. You must know what makes you different or unique, where you add value, what difference you make to the company you are working at and to your team, how much money you saved them in the last year, two or three years in terms of your and team achievement and if you cover your wage, what is your point of difference and your standout achievement of your career so far.


Especially in your most recent two to three positions. Write it down, put it in your profile. 

Make your profile worth reading.

Grab my attention.

Make people want to connect with you. 

Demonstrate to other like-minded professionals that connecting with you is worthwhile and you can add value to them too! 


Don’t forget you need to stand out! You need to convince someone via your profile that you are worth meeting. If I am looking to recruit you or if I’m wanting to connect with you, I want to connect to someone that has made a difference at the company.

So, keep asking yourself as you walk through your profile…




In your most recent role detail two or three achievements and make a feature of them within your LinkedIn profile. 


How will you know when your branding is / has worked effectively?

I would say when your profile really represents you and that people understand who you are. The way I would test its effectiveness is to try and ask a friend, someone that doesn’t know you necessarily in a work capacity, someone that is a stranger to you and your role in a work sense.

Get them to read or review your profile and then ask them to tell you who they think you are. If their description as someone that doesn’t know you as a treasury professional is an accurate reflection of who you are and what you do, then give yourself a pat on the back. However, if their description isn’t quite right then maybe use their mistakes as your guide/thumbnail to help you improve or rewrite it to give you the description that you really want people to see, think and feel about you.

At the end of the day remember the impression you can make via LinkedIn and via social media is about not only what people say, think and feel about you when you around them but it’s actually about what people say about you when you have left the room. 

It is the lasting impression you give to anyone who will judge you and the effectiveness of your personal brand.


When your email pings with new connection requests and your business network starts growing rapidly with exciting new treasury contacts. When your phone starts ringing with invites to participate, speak or lead sessions at industry conferences. Possibly much, much more!

Any investment in your brand is an investment in you that has got to be time well spent!