Treasury Line: a comprehensive treasury ERP

Imad Ben Mariem, DataLog Finance CEO, offers his advice on Treasury Management Systems (TMS) and comments on regulatory changes within the profession.

What would you say to corporate treasurers who are about to choose an integrated TMS and what would your recommendations be?


Treasurers have seen their profession undergo significant change over the last few decades, from spreadsheets to smart Treasury Management Systems, from independent daily treasury services to a globalised 360° management of all the financial flows of a company. 

A modern TMS has to integrate these changes, anticipate future treasury needs and practices and focus on the treasurer’s expectations, which are: One: a truly integrated system, relying on a single database and shared master data, so that duplicates are avoided and the risk of error is drastically reduced. Two: full visibility of an organisation’s cash position, with unlimited possibilities to search, sort and filter any entry or value for optimised productivity. Three: infinite report possibilities, with Business Intelligence layers, to meet the organisation’s various needs. Four: functionalities which enable collaborative work, with strong administration, segregated views and tasks depending on authorisations and profiles. Five: scalable software and functionalities which don’t require heavy operational acceptance testing. Six: access to the solution at anytime, anywhere, with no additional installation requirements. Seven: total security and flexibility.

"Designed with usability in mind, users of Treasury Line can copy and paste both upstream master data and internal corporate standards/processes for standardised workflows across an entire information system."



What are the key advantages of your solution compared to other products on the market, particularly those sold by big players?


Whereas some TMS only cover some facets of the treasurer’s jobs, Treasury Line is a comprehensive treasury ERP with wide-ranging functional coverage. 

The system includes all the components for cash, treasury and risk management with a front-to-back-to-payment approach and multi-norm accounting including IFRS, of course. Treasury Line is also the only TMS which includes an automatic payment factory and comprehensive bank communication at its core, along with the necessary AML/CFT functions and standard or electronic bank account (eBAM) and SDD mandate management. Designed with usability in mind, users of Treasury Line can copy and paste both upstream master data and internal corporate standards/processes for standardised workflows across an entire information system. Treasury Line works in any corporate IS environment without any specific developments and can then be accessed via a simple web browser and Internet connection from all over the world, via secured processes and protocols. Among the other functional assets, I particularly want to mention Treasury Line’s simple administration and maintenance, which lead to a reduced total cost of ownership (TCO). Our Treasury Line product is “à la carte” and reversible, since we offer both SaaS and On-Premise modes. 



Several new regulations and IFRS standards have come into effect over the last few years. How does your company address these key changes and how do you respond to users’ expectations, given the crucial nature of compliance these days?

Our clients are large companies. So we are obliged to monitor and implement new regulations to be compliant and to respond to users’ expectations before such regulations are enforced, as will be the case with the GDPR in May 2018. We have a dedicated team which is responsible for ensuring regulatory monitoring and assessing the impact on our solution. This impact translates into functional specifications which are then integrated into Treasury Line by our development team.

Treasury Line is currently fully compliant with international regulations, including the new 2018 IFRS standard (IFRS 9).

In addition to new regulations, the latest innovations are also integrated into Treasury Line as soon as they are available to provide our clients with the most up-to-date tools and features. For example, we are currently working closely with SWIFT and some of our clients on the GPI pilot.