We produced our first magazine when I joined ATEL at the very outset. It never crossed my mind that we would reach issue #100. It seemed so distant then that I would have found it scary. The President asked me to produce an article, the first of a long series. I would never have imagined that I could have derived so much pleasure from producing them and I have to confess that I didn’t even notice the issue numbers clocking up. We celebrate the 100th issue, but not the last, of our magazine, which has grown in size and wealth of features. It has evolved, just as our job has, over these many years and it has adapted to the changes and new requirements in the profession. It has also adapted for technical, accounting and regulatory environment in the subjects that it tackles. It has been able to evolve in format and content and also gained a digital edition 10 years ago. It was ATEL that produced the first online treasury magazine while retaining its paper magazine. We think that paper, even in a digitalised world, has its place. The paper version can be kept, passed on, can be read in small batches, and taken with us when we travel. The paper version stands the test of time. Our magazine now goes well beyond our Luxembourg frontiers. It is an international English magazine for treasurers produced by treasurers. Beside the paper andon-line versions, we now have an E-Mag version that can be read on smartphones. All this makes it unique in Europe. Thanks to its readership and advertisers, it has been able to survive and expand. It is your forum and the vehicle for promoting ATEL, Luxembourg and the expertise of its treasurers. It is your magazine, and we want to develop it even further to ensure it meets your expectations and gives you what you want. We want to ensure that it dovetails better with current challenges and also to ensure that you can «consume» it in its various forms any time, any place, any where, as the Martini advert said. If there were one thing I really wanted right now, it would be the job of writing issue number 125, 150 or beyond. This magazine it is also the embodiment of the enthusiasm of a few unpaid volunteers, who are dedicated and devoted to their profession. I would like to thank all readers and advertisers for your support. But we would never have been able to achieve this result without the help of our General Secretary, Frédérique Lambert-Joslain. Her painstaking work, often unseen, but very real and effective, is the cement that makes it possible for us to publish this truly professional magazine. I cannot thank her enough for her invaluable support. To some extent, this magazine is hers, and on behalf of ATEL, I would like to thank her warmly. Thank you all for your unstinting help and support. Rest assured that we will try to provide you with a quality magazine for many years to come. Long live ATEL and its treasurer magazine!