The logo's history​

When deciding on a new logo for ATEL, the aim was to find a symbol that represents the role the association wants to play on behalf of its members: the idea of defending and protecting its members' interests.


A shield, buckler or similar means of defence conveys the idea of safeguarding. It also symbolises light, strength, prudence and protection. We protect our members by lobbying against measures that could impact them, by safeguarding their professional interests, by helping them find treasury jobs, by keeping them informed and by

telling them about new potential problems.


The idea of protection and belonging to a fellowship (in this case the Luxembourg Association of Corporate Treasurers). The shield with a "T" for "Treasurer" proclaims this fellowship aspect, and the very purpose of our



This protecting shield is blue, white and red – the colours of Luxembourg, the country in which the association is established. It is divided into two facets to express the diversity and duality of its members, who may be Corporates or financial service providers or banks.


The shield is symbolic of being long lasting, of having staying power and resilience – the association has now been around for 23 years.


The "T" is the equivalent of the "S" of Superman to convey the idea of an important, or even crucial, job, and treasurers play a key role in safeguarding companies. The treasurer is a sort of guardian of the temple of finance, portrayed by this defensive shield. Treasurers manage

financial risks and protect against them.

The acronym ATEL stands for "Association des Trésoriers d’Entreprise du Luxembourg". Its equivalent in English, "Luxembourg Association of Corporate Treasurers" is shown alongside it, to emphasize the international outlook

of this little country.


This logo is intended to help people identify the association more readily, and is used in all communication material. This new logo is the final phase of the ATEL rebranding that started in 2016.